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Middle School Students Attend College
By Patty Jo Sawvel

Students as early as middle school are attending leadership classes at the Kernersville campus of Forsyth Technical Community College (FTCC). In a partnership between the college and Kernersville Cares for Kids, twenty-five students are receiving professional level instruction.


L. Reneé Jessup Rogers

L. Reneé Jessup Rogers, who teaches business and management classes at FTCC said, “I’m teaching the very same material that I use in my adult classes. I just modify it so that it is applicable to the KCK leaders. I know they are comprehending the information because they are paying attention and asking good questions.”

Vivian Le, an eighth grade student from Southeast Middle School, attended Wednesday’s class on goal setting and decision making and said, “I learned a lot about setting goals for my future. I liked the way Ms. Rogers used real life examples that were relevant to me and easy to understand.”

Le’s classmate, Jasmine Calvin also noted, “Ms. Rogers helped me understand how to chart out academic and life goals. She explains the ideas in depth, but keeps it interesting so that I can learn from it.”

In previous classes student focused on “Understanding Self,” “Communication,” and “Getting Along With Others.”

Rogers, who counts it a privilege to be training middle and high school students said, “As a teen, I could have taken the wrong path if I didn’t have plenty of people who cared about me. I’m happy to be one of the people that care about Kernersville’s kids and can do something positive to help them.”


Your Voice. Your Campus. Our Future.



Students in Forsyth County schools are forming No’bacco clubs on their campus and in their communities. These student-led, adult-guided clubs raise awareness about tobacco products and usage on their campus and in their communities. They focus on real life solutions to teen tobacco usage including smokeless tobacco, hookah, and e-cigs/vapes. The projects are designed and implemented by students through funding providing by a local community grant from the Forsyth County Youth Tobacco Prevention Collaborative. Want to learn more?


Youth Tobacco Prevention Initiative Coordinator, Terri Moy
E-mail:         Phone: 336-705-9019
Forsyth No’bacco Website:



“Rat Brain”


Kernersville Cares for Kids finds out how drug abuse affects the brain


Adolescence is a period of time during which the risk for initiation of drug abuse is the highest. Kernersville Cares for Kids (KCK) recognized this and decided to form an organization whose mission is to prevent the initiation and use of drugs in both middle-school and high-school aged students. One activity that Kernersville Cares for Kids participates in is a yearly visit to the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Wake Forest School of Medicine to learn more about how the research being conducted here is investigating the neural basis of drug addiction.


This spring, a total of 35 students from Forsyth County high schools and 35 students from Forsyth County middle schools will visit the Piedmont Triad Community Research Center (PTCRC) to learn more about how the brain is affected when an individual becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. Graduate students from both the Neuroscience and the Physiology and Pharmacology graduate programs ran learning stations aimed at providing the KCK students with hands-on learning experiences. These stations included a human brain station, a station which provided an online simulation of the effects of drugs in the brain, an operant conditioning station, and a station showing how researchers can manipulate environment to see how it changes vulnerability to substance abuse.

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